Thursday, March 31, 2016

“Strengthening Language Skills of the 21st Century Learners”

                A tweet here, a selfie there, a million of post, like, share & comments everywhere, everyday of our lives, technology especially social media is a big part. If there is one thing people can’t let go, it’s their mobile phones, tablets, laptops & other more. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other more is considered as part of our daily routine. Gone are days of taking time to talk w/ each other personally just to be updated of what’s going on for you know what is happening on everyone’s life by just checking their post. You know who’s happy or sad, who’s vacation, what’s new & old and a lot of other stuff. Human interaction is no longer physical but rather online. As Albert Einstein once quoted, “It has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity. He feared the day that human interaction will be defeated by   technology and the world will have a generation of idiots.” So I ask myself and you my fellow pupils, is Einstein right about us being dumb because of today’s advances?
                With this issue in mind, I tried to think and search for answers and proof for what I believe is true about today’s society. I know that I’m not alone in my stand that no one should be considered a moron in a time where education is free for everyone. Besides, I do believe that learning does not end in the four walls of our classroom.  Every moment is an experience where one is taught and left w/ a lesson. It is a common knowledge that there is nothing constant in this world except for change. As time passes, people vary and situation must be transform in order for things to work out. We must know what works better for the present, this is by learning from our past and accepting that alteration might happen in the future.
                “Knowledge is power”, a famous quote first said by Francis Bacon. By learning, we get the proper weapon on battling life. We have the necessary tool to make sure that the ups and downs of our adventure can be totally handled. This is all possible through education, the most vital thing in one’s life, a precious treasure such as gold and diamonds but could not be stolen by anybody. Through learning, we get to be the person we’re meant to be or we wanted to be. The possibility is endless but most of all through the wisdom we gather, we build a better community. A world which understands and this is through proper communication.
                Communication is a skill that you can learn, it’s like riding a bike or typing, if you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.       In order for it to be developed, we are taught about Language Skills, commonly known as listening, speaking, reading and writing.  These are basic ability that we require in order to form connection with other people. Not only to hear but understand others, not merely talking but to be able to explain oneself, it’s not just about being able to utter words but to comprehend what it means and of course being able to express oneself by transforming your thoughts to words.
                We are in school to learn and be the individuals that our society needs. Learning should always be considered a fun thing to do and not the common thought of boring classes spent every day for eight hours from Monday to Friday. With today’s modernization, education should be at the peak rather than the bottom. Teaching is no longer just the teacher explaining lessons but pupils are encouraged to discuss topics they researched, to share their thoughts and to be able to help their fellow ones in learning. When reporting is done by preparing visual aids, now we just make use of laptops to prepare power point presentation. Pictures, voice and video recording is now obtainable and can be shared to everyone. A classroom discussion is not merely the teacher talking & students listening but the pupils could speak up their thoughts & share their ideas. We have the power on affecting growth in other as we mold our own development as well. Gone are the days when our only refuge for research and additional knowledge are books, we no longer require to carry bulk of books, we don’t need to spend multiple hours in our library for we have the power of technology, the internet is our online library, books are now converted to pdf’s which allow access using our phones, tablets & etc., a single query will provide you a million of answers, articles & websites. Spending part of our time in classes for writing notes, a lot of pen and pencil and pages of notebooks to be used and for others who don’t feel to write, we have photo copiers that allows us to have duplicates. That used to be the situation but now w/ a click of your phone, you have already taken down the lessons or you can ask for a soft copy of the discussion by the use of your flash drive.

                This is technology at its finest if used right in boosting our academe but let us not forget that it is a double sided sword. The effect is on our hands, depending on our choices and the actions we make. For the old fashion, they may think that it teach people to be lazy and depend everything on devices. Well when was the last time kids talk about games and they mean hide and seek, kick, tag of war and other old time Filipino Games? A long time ago for all we talk about now are DOTA, LOL, COC and other online games. No wonder, people end up being obese, sickly and less sociable. Sad to know that what could be great, could also be bad thus before I bid farewell, I want to challenge each and every one of you, especially my fellow pupils to choose wisely! Remember, it is not what technology does to us, it is what we do to technology. Get smart with it, choose cleverly and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you. 

Writing 1-2-3

It is turning your thoughts to words, a way of expressing oneself for others to understand. Wherein silence is a way to turn ideas into an article and things that meant to be spoken are written in a way you believe is right. If there is one thing I find solace to, it’s writing stuff, a moment of peace, it feels like being a painter, turning a canvass to a masterpiece through words to a piece.
                As far as I can remember, it has always been a passion. Since my elementary years, I have loved writing, it started with regular things like essays and stories and English has always been my favored language. I find it liberating to be able to express myself though words. Every time I feel so happy or sad, I find a piece of paper and a pen on hand then write all my emotions, worries and view.
                Although it was only in college that I had given effort on my writing, I was a sophomore then when I joined our school’s publication. I did the application process which is writing different kinds of articles with varied topics in cringe time. I like being stressed and that is how I felt but waiting for the result is scary, not knowing how you did. But waiting is rewarding, the moment I have received the result, I was in cloud nine, a proof of me being truly a writer and being chosen to be the publication’s Assistant Magazine Editor is an icing on the cake.
                That was the moment I believe I became a mature writer and it’s no longer just expressing myself but writing with a purpose, being able to touch people’s lives through information. I was introduced to different articles and styles. From stories and essays, I learned news, feature, column, editorial and poem. Thus, allow me to share with you easy steps of determining each classification and how to make sure that you are writing the right type of article.
                News writing includes sports writing which is the same only that the second focus on the world of athletes and their games. I’m never a big fan of it for you need to be familiar with sports jargon and as non-athletic as I am, I decided to get away from it. Writing a news articles is easy for it came from facts and all you need to remember are these easy pointers:
·         It should follow an inverted pyramid format which means, data should be written from the most important to the least.
·         It is a one sentence, one paragraph.
·         Make sure your headline is as appealing as it is and complete with most details in order to catch your readers attention.
·         Your sub-headline should support its corresponding head to show flow.
·         Make it informative and interesting on the same time.
Writing a feature is like an essay. You have a certain topic like people, places, events and other interesting stuff. It’s the easiest thing to do but facts and research are needed to be done as well. Simple things to remember:
·         It follow a pyramid format which means data is written from the least to most important or you can have your own way with it.
·         Just like an essay, it has an introduction, body and conclusion.
·         Mostly, it’s about human interest story so it’s more on interesting with supports of facts.
Column writing and editorial is the same only that a column is an opinion given by the writer while editorial is the stand of the publication. This is a chance of sharing your views about certain topics. To let others read what you believe is right on certain topics. It can affect people views or demand for others to express their mind as well. You must remember these:
·         It also has an introduction, body and conclusion.
·         You can state your own principle but supporting it with facts will help your view stronger.
·         It should be informative and interesting on the same time that could awaken one’s mind of opening up as well.
Stories and poems are the entertaining types of articles. Here, a writer can have their own way on what to write and how to write it. The main thing to remember is to make sure that it is amusing to the reader. It can be interesting and informative as well. I’m more of a story writer than a poet, I don’t feel like I have the sophistication to write a poem. I think it requires a great deal of emotion and finesse.

Writing is not scary, it’s a big world of possibilities and creativity. You just need to give time, read a lot as well to be inspired and learn and keep on writing. Let your pen be your sword, your ideas your armor and your writing your shield in fighting a life full of battles.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Valedictory Address for High School

Honored guest, ladies and gentlemen, graduating class of 2013, my warmest greetings to all of you!
            I don’t know how to begin this and what to say, should I start reminiscing yesterday or share the feelings I have graduating on top of my class or be grateful to everyone who made this day achievable. I know that the moment I start talking here, some of you are keenly listening while others may start to doze and others can’t get the essence of me talking here. But please bear with me and hear what I have to say, give me the chance to express myself for you know we graduate once in high school and I will have only this chance. 
            It seems like yesterday, I was a kid then saying goodbye to my childish ways as I enter the new stage of my academic life which is high school. Four years of achievements and failures, happiness and sadness and all other good and bad stuff, it was a journey worth remembering and I could say that it was worth taking and we all have our own shares of sweet and not so sweet memories.
            Taking the journey was not that easy but we have survived it and today mark the end of it but we won’t be here if not because of the important people who made the impossible, possible. First and foremost, to our Creator and Almighty Father, God, who gave us life and the chance to enjoy it, (remember those moments before an exam and you forgot to study and you bow down your head and ask God to give you the answer but the moment the exam end you forgot to thank Him but instead you are grateful to the classmate who allowed you to cheat or copy). To our dear parents especially to mine: Mr. & Mrs. ___________________ Ubaldo, they are our first teachers and on the same time our source of strengths and inspirations, the first people to believe on us despite everyone’s disapproval, (we are familiar with the word “scholar” for we are all scholars on our right, school expenses, snacks, fare, school supplies, projects, we are not bothered by those expenses for we have a bank open 24 hours but we need to listen to a very long speech, nay & tay, mama & papa, mommy & daddy, we know money is not from trees but thank you for being good providers). To the people who molded and guided us to be the person who we are, to our dear principal, teachers and staff of CRANS, we are grateful for everything you have given to help us especially for the time we shared, those eight hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month, ten months a year for four years, (we may not be the best students you had but we know you will never forget us even if it’s not in a good way). To the people who truly understand what this day meant, the people I have shared every seconds and moments of high school, to all of you my classmates and batchmates, this journey would not be the same without you guys, (high school will not be the same without you, those ups and downs would be different without everyone’s being pasaway, diverse personality aand etc.). To every one of you and all others I missed to acknowledge, thank you so much for making our high school life, an adventure we would never forget.
            High school for us may be over and soon we will face the next stage of our life which is college but the memories and experiences we have shared will never be forgotten. (Those things will remain us memoirs but no matter what it is, good or bad, it’s part of who we are, whether we are proud or not so proud of it. Besides those high school recollections of ours can be kept or not by us, let’s not forget that “the things that made you cry or sad in the past will make you smile in the future and the other way around”.) Our first day as newbie, those feelings of hesitation and being lost as we enter a new world, the looks on our faces as we saw old friends and the joy of meeting new ones. Freshmen year, the year of coping up with the new life, learning to be mature teens and saying goodbye to the child we have been in elementary, venturing new things this stage has to offer and a lot of other new stuff. As years pass by, changes happen and we learned to embody the new life we are facing. Exams, quizzes, assignments and projects can be a pain in the neck but we still do our best for it. Indeed, school can be very demanding but it’s not all work and no play for I believe that as students, we study hard but we play harder. Every day seems like a new adventure shared with friends, life in school is full of conflicting emotions but we have enjoyed every instant of it, the happy, sad, exciting, boring and spontaneous quest.
Being in high school, the pressure of doing well is much compare to our elementary years but it never sink in to me for I’m so contented just being part of the top five. I actually never dreamed or aimed to be on top, getting the highest grade but as time passed by, I realized my capabilities that I can do things if I believe in myself and I strive hard. It’s not all because of me but because of the people who believed in me and keep on inspiring and persuading me to be the best I can be. You know who you are and I am very grateful. Reaching the top is not that easy, I need to push myself and face every challenges but it was a journey of self discovering and learning. It was even greater because I am having a friendly competition with my classmates who are in the honor roll, you guys have been also one of the primary reasons why I keep on doing my best and who am I as a student is because of the incredible clash we have to have the highest grades. (Humility and bluffing aside but you guys on the front gave me sleepless nights, migraines, pimples and turn my weekends from rest day to work day. The pressure is too much but I have no regrets.)
High school is not just about academic development but also we are progressing emotionally and socially as well as our skills and talents. High school is not just about who is the smartest but it is also about the best dancers, singers, speakers, artist and athletes. (Who knows, in the coming years, life would be opposite for everyone and those people who used to be lazy will have a brighter future than us, it only mean that life is so full of possibilities and chances. We only need to work hard for it and do everything we can to achieve something.) I am very indebted for everything the school has done in improving me to be a holistic person. Who we are from now and who will we become, CRANS had been a great part of it. Sad to think that this will be our last day in this institution, our alma mater, we will say goodbye to this campus, to our classrooms where we have learned new things by listening to our teachers, our classmates reporting and sometimes we learn to turn on the snooze button because it’s just boring or we’re just tired. We bid adios to our teachers, who we love and hate in a lot of ways but forever we will remember for what they have done to mold us. And of course, to all my classmates and batchmates, this is not the end but instead it is a new beginning for everyone, we may go our own ways, we will separate from the crowd we got used to be for four years and venture life on our own but forever we will be bind by the spirit this school has instilled in us. Finally, we say goodbye to our uniform, wearing it every day reminds us of who we are as students of CRANS and now it’s about time we put it in our thoughts, in our hearts and soul to make our school proud by continuing the journey of reaching our dreams.
This is the day the Lord has made for us to be happy and sad on the same time but most of all, we should be proud for the four years was not easy but we finally made it. What’s next? You may ask but no one knows but I know that it’s about time for us to look forward to the future that is coming, it is not yet the end, we have tomorrow and the day after and more months and years coming. Let us be reminded by our favorite teleserye on TV whenever it comes to its closing part, it would say and I quote, “abangan”. Kudos Batch 2013! Once again, a pleasant afternoon to everyone!

Speech for a Guest Speaker in an Elementary Graduation

            Mrs. Corazon C. Tingson, District Supervisor, Miss Cecilia O. Esparagoza, principal, faculty & staff, parents, pupils, alumni, guests and most of all to the stars of today, to the graduates of school year 2012-2013 of Barbaza Central School, my warmest greetings to all of you!
            Before I go further with my speech, let me first express my feelings of pleasure to the honor of being invited and chosen as your guest speaker for this special day.
            “Once upon a time”, as children we are fond of reading stories like fairy tales and most of these stories start with this line. It marks the beginning of an amazing journey, the ups and lows of one’s life, the struggles, challenges and the things the character do to conquer it. Today is a significant day for everyone, for the pupils graduating, for the proud parents and the hard working teachers that made this day possible. Let us look back in the past before we look forward to the coming future, how it all began and the adventure you had.
            Being back here, brings back so many memories of my childhood. How my first day started, my classmates, my teachers and the fun and not so fun things that have happened. Being nostalgic, I also remembered other things from my elementary years, my high school and until I graduated in college. When I was starting as a professional, seems like yesterday but a lot have happened but all I can say is that it was a journey worth remembering and I’ll always be grateful about for I won’t be me if not for those things. Remember the first day of class, you may have started studying here during you preparatory or grade one, so young. (May I ask our graduates or everyone who are here if you are the person I am referring to so just raise your hand.) You don’t know the reason why you need to go to school, why you need to wake up early in the morning, to learn how to drink your milk in a glass and say goodbye to your milk bottle, to start using a bag and have papers, notebooks and pencil than your favorite toys. The logic on saying goodbye to the sanctuary of your home and going out, being with new people, maybe for some the first day was full of tears because lola and nanay needs to say goodbye and leave you with your teachers. Those sad moments which are now funny memories.
            It all started with that first day and six years after, you’re all here, all grown up. But a lot of things happened while venturing your elementary years. The first time you were thought how to count from one to ten, coloring your book, learning to write you first letter, for some it was easy while others find it hard but all of you never stop and instead you continue attending school and learning stuff. Now, all of you know math, not only that you can color but you can draw and you know now how to read, write and speak well but for others who still find it hard, it’s not yet the end. Always remember, my dear graduates, “nothing is constant in this world except for change and life is full of possibilities”. Who would ever think that the silent kid will be a good singer, declaimer, dancer, artist or an athlete? The only thing you need to do is believe on yourself and what you can do and never stop trying. Don’t be afraid to experiment for it’s not only used in your science subject but instead try using it in life, remember that the most important factor in reaching greatness is you.
            Just like in stories, there is always a main character, the “bida” as we say, the one with super powers, the prince or princess or that simple character that battles life no matter how hard it is. Life is simple but it is never easy but it doesn’t mean that we should give up on it. Poverty is very existent but we should not give up on education for as we always say, ‘it is the only richness that could not be taken from one and it is the best foundation in battling life. Thus, my dear graduates, let us be thankful to our dear parents, to your ever supportive and loving nanay & tatay for the effort they made to send us to school and provide us the proper education. Secondly, to the faculty & staff of BCS, you have successfully done great responsibilities in bringing these children to what they are now. And most especially to God, our creator and Father for everything He have given and done for us.
            This is not the end my dear graduates but only the beginning of a new chapter for all of you. Continue pursuing knowledge through education, enter high school and then college. Reach your dreams of being future accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, religious, military or whatever you want to be. It will be a long road but reaching the end will truly be rewarding and you won’t regret it for only then you will totally feel that “happily ever after”.
            “Building the nation’s future leaders through the k to 12 basic education program.” Is this year’s theme and you will be part of it as you enter high school, embrace knowledge and you will learn to love school and soon you will be able to help not only yourself but the whole country as well. You may not be future political leaders but you are leaders on your own ways for we lead our own life, our own destinies thus always do what is good and proper for what you do affects everyone around you.
            Congratulations to the graduates of school year 2012-2013! Kudos Barbaza Central School! Thank you and once again a pleasant afternoon to everyone!